Frequently Asked Employment Questions

We are currently working with at least 11 parlours across Sydney, New South Wales and Melbourne, Victoria, but we are consistently moving and changing with new demand and as the industry itself expands into different areas.

Please either send us a text or email describing a bit about yourself (name, age, nationality etc) on 0457260000 or [email protected], or simply fill out your details on our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible – generally within a few hours.

You will receive a text from us if you have provided your mobile number, otherwise we will email you instead.

Our rates vary from parlour to parlour and suburb to suburb. Moreover, some of our parlours have a variety of different rates depending on the level of service the girls can provide. If you wish to know the rates for specific parlours then one of our staff will gladly show you. Furthermore, we can confidently say we offer highly competitive rates in the industry as well as an abundance of clientele so you’ll rarely be bored.

That’s fine. As long you have good hygiene, health and are over the age of 18, please apply with your details the same as everybody else. You will make money with us. We have not disappointed anyone yet since everybody gets booked and earns money provided you’re willing.

All our parlours offer a high volume of clients. Some may differ per time of day. Some may offer more clients during the day where as others more at night. Please enquire within as establishment busyness and demand consistently changes across the board.

The basic details we require from you are your working name (real name not important unless booking airfares), your age, height, dress size, nationality and if you have had any experience in the adult industry. Other information can also be provided but is not as important. Such as the services your provide and any other experience or personality traits we should know about.

If you have any concerns about sharing your details through a messaging service such as text or email, then please notify us so we can organise an interview with you.

We accept ladies from all over Australia and also anybody who wishes to travel here from overseas. Please notify us of your location by text, email or while filling out the contact form on our website. Travel plans including free airfares, accommodation and or transport can be discussed after lodging your application on our website.

Depending on your commitments and duration of stay we can derive a plan to benefit us all. If you are from interstate or overseas and can afford a one way airfare to either Sydney or Melbourne then we will reimburse you the costs after you begin working.

If you cannot afford to pay for airfares or transport, then we may or may not commit to purchasing you a ticket. This would depend on a range of different factors, and you may be asked to provide us with your drivers licence or other forms of identification.

You surely can! We would prefer if you were comfortable during your stay with us and bringing a friend could definitely help with that. Please let us know when you apply if you have others who would like to join you.

Yes we offer the occasional outcall to a hotel, home, dinner date or party companion. Either with one of our parlours or through a separate yet joint outcall Agency. Out-call bookings can be arranged so they do not clash with your incall establishment work to make the most of your time with us. Or if you choose to focus entirely on outcall work, that is also fine with us.

Yes you surely can! Please notify us of any difficulties you may be facing as some issues could be easily resolved. Our staff have a lot of experience and will be able to assist in guiding you to an establishment suited to your style and needs. So don’t be shy if you have anything you want to get off your chest.

Yes definitely. All of our parlours are 100% legally owned and operated. We do not tolerate illegal activity at our establishments.

If on a rare occasion a customer becomes aggressive or abusive towards you, you can press the alarm button inside your room o you can press the alarm button in your room to notify reception or security, otherwise yell out to one of the girls or the receptionist and if safe to do so, attempt to leave the room and make your way to reception so they can attempt to resolve the dispute and or notify security or the police of the matter.

Yes you will be given your own bedroom to rest/sleep in. Only on the odd occasion do we have ladies sharing rooms due to overcrowding. Though this is very rare. Depending on where you end up working, you may have shared kitchens, toilets and showers.

Sure, that is fine to do in the majority of our parlours. It’s also a very common request especially for ladies new to the industry, therefore it is easily managed. And most of the time you will be given your own room to stay in. Only leaving the room to greet clients or otherwise in extreme cases the clients may be asked to come and greet you in the room.

Yes we do occasionally have vacancies for other adult industry positions such as receptionists, managers, cleaners, security or driving roles. Please provide us with your details and or a CV if necessary so we can contact you when a spot opens up.

On average a recommended shift can last for 9-12 hours. Allowing customers time to make their way to the parlour and pre book ladies. While also beneficial to the ladies who end up earning more per shift. If you cannot commit to these recommended shift times, we are very flexible so please inform us so we can structure a roster suited to your availability.

When not in a booking most ladies use this time to rest, do their make up, get a massage, eat, use the internet wifi or hang out together and watch TV.

Please inform your manager as soon as possible, preferably at least a day in advance that you cannot attend your rostered shift. This will prevent us from letting down our own ladies who may have wanted to work a particular shift time.  Or by disappointing clients who could have booked in advance only to leave the establishment unhappy because we didn’t have the numbers to service them.

We completely understand if you’re feeling anxious or unsure. And we will be patient , especially with ladies who are new to the industry. All we ask is that you can inform us as soon as you can that you will not make your introduction or shift. We appreciate honesty.

And when you feel up to it, we will gladly accept you.

Adult Employment has been running successfully since 2018.

We have earned our reputation by providing ladies with a safe and discreet variety of adult work opportunities.