Looking for an Adult Job in Sydney or Melbourne?

  • For Ladies 18 Years and Over
  • Make $3000-$8000 a Week
  • Free Airfares and Transfer
  • Free Accommodation

Adult work that provides FREE accommodation

- FREE Airfares

- All nationalities welcome

- Multiple establishments

- Highest brothel rates

- Flexible work hours

- Discreet and confidential

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Working in the Adult Industry

  • Easy money comes in a matter of minutes
  • Embrace a life that is stuffed with benefits
  • Get to know a lot of influential people consisting of politicians, businessmen, sportsmen etc
  • You get to participate in luxury events
  • Being paid whilst being adored and wanted
  • You will be independent
  • Training and guidance will be provided if necessary
  • Your health checked and prioritised
  • Work securely and discreetly

Your only responsibilities as an adult worker are to be reliable, willing to work, looking impeccable and ready to learn how to make your client relax, be happy and have the best time in your presence.

Apply today, start working today.

high salary lifestyle model

Working as an adult entertainer worker can be one of the best experiences of your life: